‘Batman v Superman’ trailer early following leak

When Warner Bros.’ multi-stage release strategy for the official teaser of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was foiled Thursday by a Brazilian cell phone-wielder, it was a bit like Superman being taken down by a mere mortal. Following up on that grainy footage, directorZack Snyder has tweeted the teaser in its entirety with the hashtags #NotBlurry and #NotPirated.

The teaser is mostly a collage of voiceover describing anti-Superman sentiment, including the voices of Jesse Eisenberg, Holly Hunter and Jeremy Irons (who plays Alfred), that ends with the confrontation footage Snyder premiered all the way back at last year’s Comic-Con. A glow-eyed, armor-suited Batman throatily asks the Man of Steel, “Tell me, do you bleed? You will.”

Despite the leak and game of catch-up, the studio is still going ahead with its plan to premiere the teaser at select IMAX locations on Monday. And based on Snyder’s follow-up tweet, featuring the hashtag #AFewExtraShotsPlusALittleSwag, ticketbuyers can look forward to seeing slightly different footage than what made its way online, which is some sort of consolation. Batman v Superman is slated to hit theaters on March 25, 2016.